How To Properly Pack A Hookah Bowl

Dear readers, today I will show you how to pack a hookah bowl for optimal smoking experience.

First, I chose Starbuzz, a popular tobacco brand. This tobacco brand is my favorite. It has a very strong aroma. But you need to be careful to remove all the debris from the Starbuzz tobacco before putting it in the bowl. This will result in more intense smoke when burning.

How To Properly Pack A Hookah Bowl

Add molasses

Next, add an appropriate amount of Moroccan molasses. Too much can cause headaches or other health issues, so the dosage should be moderate. According to our experience, you should fill the bowl up to the rim before pressing, but again be careful not to overflow.

After that, I will take the tobacco out and let it dry slightly to reduce moisture. This step is necessary for phunnel bowls, but not for traditional Egyptian bowls.

How To Properly Pack A Hookah Bowl

Put the prepared tobacco back in the bowl. I like to mix different tobaccos for a unique flavor profile. Make a funnel-shaped hole in the center for even heat distribution.

Next, place the heat management unit on top and lightly roast the top layer of tobacco. This prevents it from sticking to the HMU. Let it rest for 5 minutes to preheat the entire bowl.

It’s now ready to smoke—just take out one extra coal and cover! During the session, if the flavor becomes less pleasant, slightly raise the HMU, blow on the tobacco, and keep smoking to bring it back.

This is how to properly pack a bowl for unique mixes and optimal experience. If you have other, better ideas, Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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